Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Car~

Tom is off today with an awful cold to ...Lord willing buy a car! I am so happy that his mom has come around and seen that her son is really trying and just needs some help~ so off they went late this morning. I am thankful beyond words. I woke up early this morning to Gabby with a stomach bug..she spent all morning sick. Gabby always seems to get the worst of it when she comes down with she is spending the afternoon in bed. The kids and I frantically spent the morning cleaning up as my mother-in-law will be popping in a some point and she can be slightly judgemental of my home keeping skills~ not really understanding what it is like to have children home all day and what it is to have an illness.but! she is helping Tom so...I am remembering to happy because God has provided for something that is really needed~ Mandy has choir tonight so she and I will spend sometime together and I will be getting my glasses today..Yea! it's so hard to get around not being able to see...hahaha showing my age. Ok~ off to finish the house.


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki, it sounds like things are coming around for you! Hope you for sure got those glasses! Is'nt that the most frustrating thing without those eyes! I run around trying to find my 3or4 pair when I need them, and if I forget them when I go shopping I have to buy some of those little readers!!.and my son's room oh! how I wish it had just been a yr.!
Sad to say I'm not sure,!How embarrsing is that?! He's the one that just got married! but its looking better this morning. Worked on it last night for awhile!
Hope you have a wonderful day; and Gabby is feeling better! Blessings! KM

Dolores said...

It's so good to hear that your MIL is going to help out with a vehicle!
I know you're going to love having your glasses ...... My glasses are the first thing I grab in the morning...maybe you need a spare pair..... the cheap ones from Wal Mart.

Praying for healing...