Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Odds and Ends~

It's that time of year again~ Convention is lurking just around the corner...the family will be heading out next week for our yearly homeschool convention. I have to say that I am really not all that excited about it this year. Maybe it is just that I am so tired from the year that we have had...maybe it's after last year's event of my heading off to the hospital with a blood clot~ can't put my finger on it...could be just the dynamics of being on a board and all of the politics....Yep! that's it~ I am running this year for Vice-Chairman and I am ok with whatever should happen...this is an organization I believe in if it wasn't I surely would not waste my time especially with the dynamics of some of the people I work with~ I would love to see the organization really reach out to those in need within the community. So many single parents out there...so many special needs families...I believe that there really is a difference that could be made..so we will see what happens. The kids and Tom are extremely excited because they will all be working..this is the kids time to make money that helps carry them through the year for the little things that they want~ it gives them such a feeling of accomplishment. Tom is over the top about having work! Once again we are seeing God's provision for our family. My dad has two polyps removed today and set out for a biopsy. He is home after a week of once again being hospitalized. I spoke with him this evening and he was in very good spirits. I am thankful that the Lord has helped him to see that he is needed and loved. We are forging ahead~ With the Lord beside us for the journey.

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Dolores said...

Vikki.... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family, that you have a safe, fun and productive trip..