Thursday, July 29, 2010

Early Morning~

I write this morning not having slept.  I am in a great deal of physical pain...and yet as I lie here awake praying; I know God is with me. Great is thy faithfulness runs through my head as I sit here writing.  God is great and greatly to be praised for all He has seen our family through this week. God is great and greatly to be praised for all He has seen our family through this week.  I saw my father  last night with Tom, my mother and my aunt and all I can say is thank you Lord~ The pain is intense and yet my father has a good perspective on that has transpired...He is praising the Lord for his family...his grandchildren especially who love him so~  He has a long road ahead of him and yet I know God will continue to be faithful and meet him right where he needs him too...and walk him through this journey.  Though it may not be easy and though it is not he would have chosen the strength will come from his heavenly Father.  I believe that God will use this for his glory, honor and praise.  So I sit here with all this many thoughts, emotions swirling through my head and as I sit here and reflect; I am amazed what our family has come through but I am not surprised.  The Lord never promised me an easy road...and the things that I have been through make me appreciate life husband children parents loved ones more~  would I change anything?  Perhaps~  But!  God put me right where He wants there must be a reason for this..something beyond my earthly I wait and live and hope and pray and one day I will know how or why but until than I trust in my loving Saviour.


Dolores said...

Vikki...... I'm hoping and praying that you're feeling better by now. You've been through such an emotional experience these past months,and these emotions really have an effect on our bodies.

It's so good to hear that your dad is improving and showing his strength to his loving family.

Your faith and strength are such an inspiration........!!!
My thoughts, love and prayers are with you and your family!

Dolores said...

I thought I wrote a response on here, but maybe it was on F/B..... anywhooo, I'm hoping and praying that your feeling better this morning. The stress you've been through over the past months has got to be really hard on your body.
Praying for you and your family. Hoping your dad's pain is better, and the insurance 'stuff' worked out. That's the last thing you all need to deal with....
love and prayers!

Neprinol Mom said...

I have long been convinced that Fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder, and the newest research supports that it is. I asked Dr. Blumenfeld if there would eventually be some form of brain imaging test for a definitive diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, and he believes there will be. In fact the main reason he gave for there not being one currently is the cost involved. It is encouraging to know that one day – maybe soon – there will be a direct route to a diagnosis, not the “process of elimination” route we all had to take to get our diagnosis.