Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Amanda~

My oldest turns eighteen tomorrow~  Where does the time go?!  Amanda is my rock..when things get around here get hard due to my health my Amanda helps pick up the pieces...she keeps the house up and running.  She is a beautiful young woman of God inside and out~  Tom and I have been truly blessed with her as a daughter.  She will be starting college classes this August and I am so excited for her~  We are ready to launch our daughter into whatever the Lord has in store for her and I cannot wait to see the journey that he has in store for her life. 


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vickki, so happy to hear from you!, and yes our daughters are awesome, My daughter is my "BF". I've always said that God knew I was going to need her!, and now that she was Blessed with a daughter, I know God will give Hannah a very special place in Brandi's heart as well! Have a great week-end! LOL:).

Dolores said...

Vikki, you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter....
God is Good!