Monday, July 26, 2010


My dad just got out of surgery~  We have yet to see has been hours.  So we sit and wait...and wait.  The doctor came out and told us that there was no blood flow in the main artery in his leg so there was no other choice.  It will take at least two months to heal the wound and than he will be fitted for a "leg"....he will go into therapy and in three to four months he will be walking.  He also said it may have to been done to the other leg~  too much to dad asked the doctor before he went under if there was any other way...please pray for his continued healing and for his mental well-being.  This is something that will be a grieving process.  I am tired and sad but I know that the Lord sees the big picture and I don't...I can only see a glimpse ; I pray that the Lord uses this for His glory.  I know that what the devil means for bad the Lord will turn around for His good that He might be glorified!

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Dolores said...

Praying so fervently for mental and physical healing for your dad and everyone in your family.