Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I spoke to Tom this evening and he seemed so blue~   it really is a cause for concern...he is just wanting to work so desperately...to the point where I believe he is just being too hard on himself.  He has been in Winter Haven just two days~ looking for work...and I believe that God is going to open the doors for my husband and give him work.  He is a good man with a good heart that just wants to provide for his family and I know that God sees this; I just wish he knew it also~  So I continue to pray for him and I  continue to ask God to strengthen him.  I am tired tonight; mom and I were in the hospital all day with dad.  He was to have surgery this morning on his foot...I saw it today for the first time and it looks bad...very bad but I know we serve a mighty God who can do all things~ so I am entrusting my dad to his care....there is no better place.  He will Lord-willing have the surgery tomorrow at 7:30.  We will be at the hospital before the sun rises~ and it will be cold very cold here is sunny south Florida....25 degrees!  So much for Al Gore and global warming~  Dad is in good spirits...trusting himself to God.  Mom is weary but she keeps going~  I pray for her too that God would continue to strengthen her through this very difficult time.  The kids are starting to accept that we will probably be moving~ knowing that this would be best for their dad has helped to shape their perspective on it.  I do believe that God is going to move and I just cannot wait!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki, I so hear your positive thoughts and girl, Keep Trusting! God is already there! I am praying as we speak~ Father I bring my sister VIKKI~ and family to the throne, Lord, I ask that you move mightly in this situation, Father you know what they need and I am asking in Jesus name that you make it come to past! I pray for her Dad as well, may he have perfect peace through this situation. We Love You Father, and fully Trusting as we wait!! In Jesus Name! We Claim VICTORY! AMEN.

Dolores said...

As I type this, your dad should be in surgery. I'm praying for healing!!!

I'm praying for a job, a good move..... and acceptance of what is to be.
Thoughts, prayers and love to you!

KathyB. said...

Vikki, your trusting spirit and loving heart are an inspiration. I hope you are not too weary with the worry and concerns of what each day seems to bring forth. You are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart hurts for your husband who wants to be able to do what any good man wants to do, provide for the ones he loves.

Sometimes it is just plain hard to be encouraging, and scriptures and platitudes just don't cut it. I hope neither of you succumb to hopelessness or bitterness. That is where my prayers for you will be.