Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tom leaves tomorrow for his trip~  I am very excited for him.  He needs so very much to get away and be around people who are an encouragement.  Sometimes a change of scenery is a very good thing.
I am hoping that he will be there through at least Wednesday.  He is getting his things together and I think he has a sense of anticipation as well~  I believe this could very well be the thing our family needs a fresh start.  Somewhere new where we can our children and once again feel at peace.  A sense of security for them....something I know they need and I want for them.  I am nervous and excited at the possibilities.  I know the Lord has us in His hands and I believe that He will step in and help us.  I am going to stay home this time around as dad has surgery on Tuesday.  He has two ulcers on his foot and they need to make sure the infection has not set into his bone.  I don't want my mom to have to be there alone....and I really need to step it up and start packing~  the thought is overwhelming!  I am going to make every effort to get rid of the things we don't need...clear out the clutter...and take what we need and of course the kids things.  I am happy that they may be able to have their own rooms that way the transition will be easier.  Gabby and Amanda have very different tastes in decorating..Gabby is still very much my little girl and loves her horses and her collectible dolls and Amanda quite the young woman now...oh my~ the years fly and in a blink they've grown. Time to make new and happy memories~ establish new traditions as well...

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Dolores said...

I'm praying for God's will for you and your beautiful family. I know and trust that HE will plant you where you're suppose to be. The new start sure does sound like a good thing for your family.
Just want you to know that I'm praying for good things to happen....and for you and your family to feel God's loving arms around you all the way.

I hope your dad's surgery tomorrow, shows no further infection.