Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am thankful tonight that my hubby came to church~ it had been a while ....and I know that he is really struggling with what is happening to our lives.  It meant a great deal to Amanda as she was singing in the choir tonight.  She is starting up with choir as they are getting ready for the Christmas eve services.  I am thankful that I have a daughter who loves the Lord.  Tom is making plans to go this week to stay with a friend in order to see if he can find work.  It will be two hours from where we live now~  the children are apprehensive at the thought of possibly leaving everyone and everything they know but I know that God has a plan.  My friend tells me that there is a great deal of work in her neck of the woods and so time will tell~  Tom is planning on leaving after Austin's 16th birthday ; which is on Tuesday.  I am not sure where all the years have gone..just seem to have flown by in a blink~ Too quickly.  I thank the Lord for all the wonderful memories we have of the kids and family and I pray the Lord would bless us with more.  I have to trust the if the Lord takes us from here; that we will have a sense of peace that at this time we just do not have.  God just appears to be closing doors here.....slamming them actually.  We will not be able to move into my cousin's home because of the hoa and so now we must start looking ....really looking~ I am just praying that God would bring my husband full-time employment; so we can find a home.  I saw a dear friend tonight at church and her concern and love for my family was just overwhelming.  It means a great deal to know that I have people praying for our means a great deal to know that my friends really care.  So I continue to pray and know I am praying that the Lord would give us crystal clear direction where He wants us and that the way be provided.


Dolores said...

Good morning Vikki,
Thank you so much for your comments on my blog and your prayers.

I love the new look of your blog, very pretty.

I'm so happy to hear that Tom went to church with you......seeing his daughter brought him there. What a blessing to have children who love the Lord.

We all pray....and we ask God for guidance and for answers, and sometimes we aren't sure what we're hearing God say. It sure sounds like if doors are slamming shut in your area.... you need to look else where.

My prayers continue for you and your family....and for peace!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Good Morning Vikki, As I so believe ~That God is already there!
And it is awesome to hear that Hubby attended Church! Mine has not been inside of a church in probally 25 yrs. And He will never know how that Grieves me to the Core of my heart. But I do know that God knows my heart, I know His Heart is grieved more! But when one makes that choice,they are missing the very core of this life! so sad! But I just keep praying and going! Thank You Jesus for that desire!! Have a Blessed Sunday and keep trusting for HIS WILL, not ours! Love Ya!:)