Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fatherly Advice~

Spent the day home today~ have had and awful migraine for the past several days...missed church..something I hate to do~ but found the energy to do laundry and cook.  Roasted the leg of lamb we've had in the freezer for sometime...I have put off cooking it because dad had gotten it for me to cook for all of us.  Never thought it would be difficult  to cook a roast...but it had to be cooked soon and I did it!  Everyone enjoyed it and talked about dad through dinner....does it get any easier?!  I miss him so has been so difficult lately and his birthday is on Wednesday.  Last year at this time he was preparing for his amputation and wondering if he would make it through~  he did and we were able to have more time with him...but it really is never really enough.  So many things on a daily basis I would like to talk with him about..every time I make a dish I know he would enjoy or when we watch a movie or a show or do something we want to tell him....or when we could use some of his advice...its so difficult to know he is not here.  Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to talk to him about Austie's test son has an autoimmune disease..more than likely Lupus...I am devastated...because I know the pain he is in and it breaks my heart...he needs to see a specialist and I am praying that we will get the referral we need to the University of Miami's children's hospital.   I want him to experience that a sixteen year old should be living.  We so need Tom to get a good job with good health insurance ...the kind we had when he had the business.  So many complications due to his employment situation...I just continue to pray that the Lord will give my husband the job he needs.  So this all brought up dad and my missing him incredibly. all takes time~


KathyB. said...

I am so sorry for your pain and for the situation you are in. I know you will always miss your father. My father died many years ago and I and my children still miss him. There are still those days when I wake up from a dream that he is still alive and I want to call him and talk to him, only to wake up and remember he is gone.Sometimes i see someone who looks like him and my heart stops a beat...what a special father you had.

It is good you prepared a meal from the lamb and as you ate your family talked about your father.Prayers for you all, life never seems to be any easier, but joy is always there in Him.I hope your migraine is gone by now, they are horrible.

Dolores said...

Your dad must have been a very special heart aches for you, as you miss him.
My dad left us when I was 2 years old....I wish I would have had a dad like yours.

I'm praying for your son......and a job with good insurance for Tom..
God bless you and your family,