Friday, July 15, 2011

Good to be back~

It's good to be back~ I have been without my own computer for months I have been using Austin's.  Thank you to my kind teenage son for allowing his mother to use his computer but it is so good to have my own back again!  So here's hoping to joining the online community again.  Last I had the opportunity to post I had a new job....well~ it lasted all of a minute....I got up bright and early...five thirty comes very to work to find hospice sitting vigil awaiting Robin's grandma's imminent departure from this this life to the next.  So I wait till August to start back at church.  My aunt's surgery went very well.  The  doctor was able to remove the mass and no other Cancer was found.  For this I praise God~  she will have to undergo six weeks of radiation when she gets home from her trip to California.  Tom awaits the meeting sometime in August for his final interview.  And so we wait and pray....Mandy has graduated from high school.  She is taking the Summer off to regroup and pray and study.  She'll be away for five weeks to visit family in California.  The trip was given to her by my aunt for her graduation.  I am hoping to be able to spend some special time with Gabby and Austin.  Hoping to make some memories~  tonight is Tom's memory making evening as he and Gabby watch old classic horror movies....the ones that came before all the gore and evil that they have in movies today.  So tonight it's the old Mummy and the like~ I am off to the store to get them special snacks....what a movie night without snacks~

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Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki! so happy:) to see a post! I miss my friends when I don't see them posting! but I do understand not having a puter! it's just the pits!! Ha-ha! so happy that surgery went well w/Aunt.Just enjoy the down time till you go back to work! Hope you have a wonderful day:) and week!