Friday, November 21, 2008

Another late night...

Can't believe yet another late night! The kids are up watching the original Superman....After all it is Friday night...No one can seem to sleep with Tom gone but than again they love to stay up when dad is home too...hahaha Night owls...we all are night owls. Amanda had a good day at the zoo and than we came home to find Chris and Hailey waiting for us with Turkey's ! She is too much....She has been so good to us...and I love those munchkins! Of course we love her too...I cannot still grasp the fact that my brother has chosen to leave his family and take up with someone else....and I cannot fathom the fact that the family is behind him...It has been a year now and it still seems so surreal. It is becoming so apparent that we are living in a day in age where the norm is not the norm and what is considered to be anything but! So we stand on the Word....We stand on God and We stand together. Back in September I remember hearing the Lord say to me that we must continue to Stand ....Stand for what is right and what is true....And I knew that it is and was a confirmation for Tom and myself as things have gotten so very hard and there have been times where we have felt defeated....and worn and tired and overwhelmed but in the middle of it all God is there~ He is there waiting to hear us call out to him...He is there waiting to comfort us...He is there waiting to rescue us...Maybe not in the way we think that He will but He is there~ We have really all that we need ....a Home, good food on the table....clothes....friends and the love of "our family"....and our friends....I have such many prayer warriors that are continually lifting me and the kids and Tom up....We are blessed to have the Chris and the munchkins in our lives.....the little ones have brought me such joy.....which has kept me going through this difficult time~ And Chris has been such a blessing! Her friendship and encouragement have strengthened me through this terribly hard year....We are there to lift each other up~ Well....another late night....and another early morning as tomorrow is pick-up day for us....Once again God has provided for our family...And I must remember to rejoice~

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