Saturday, November 29, 2008

Been away a while~

Wow...I haven't posted in days~ a lot has been going on here in the Goedmakers household. Today finds us all having a down day....that is the kids and I ....Tom started his new second job today...We got up this morning very exhausted from the past several days. We ran errands all day yesterday...We were blessed on Thursday by appearance by my brother...believe it or not...I honestly did not know whether to let him in or not due to our last encounter which was not a pleasant one...but he was persistent and seems as if he would not cause be any undue I let him in only to be completely shocked and overwhelmed by the envelope full of money he gave me...I was not going to take it but he was sincere in wanting to help us during this unbelievably difficult time~ So I did and what a blessing.....we were able to pay some bills that have gone unpaid and we were able to buy some presents for the kids...I had sent my parent's a Thanksgiving day card just like Pastor had said and also sent them a rebate check that the phone company had sent me because dad had overpaid....I knew that they are not in the best place either....but lo and behold I get a note from mom saying her and dad would like us to have it instead....So I am not proud and that too was a note of note of compromise ....So I continue to pray because Tom and I will not compromise on the Word~ But I believe the Lord will work in their is just a matter of time~ My poor Gabby is so ....sick! She spent the day yesterday sick to her stomach and with a she is just coughing and has a slight fever....and Amanda seems to be coming down with something too....We spent a wonderful day on Thanksgiving with Chris and the! did we have a lot of food.....God is good~ and the kids spent a wonderful day watching movies and playing...I pray the Lord will bless Chris with someone who loves her and those children and puts them first...I know that we serve a Lord who is just and fair and will see us through...We have to remember to have Faith as Tom reminded me yesterday~

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