Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Blues....

The kids had a case of the Monday blues.....They did not want to get back into the swing of things~ Can't say that I blame them..I was not wanting to have to clean, run errands...They on the other hand would rather do anything today besides their chores and schoolwork But they did everything anyway! So for that I am thankful...We made it through~ Tom spent the better part of the day sick...could have been from all the traveling yesterday and Saturday...He more than likely caught a little something on the plane but a cup of tea and some medicine and he seems to be doing better. The kids are or should be getting ready for bed now...Amanda Panda seems to be on the mend from having been so sick this weekend. Hopefully she will be able to go to choir on Wednesday...she seems to be enjoying it so much. I can't believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday! We'll be spending it with Chris and the kids. She'll be in charge of the turkey and I will make all the sides...she makes an unbelievably great turkey...everyone is looking forward too it. Amanda will make brownies and Gabby will make a pumpkin pie~ Lord willing it will be a peaceful and happy day....I sent out my parent's Thanksgiving card today....We will see if they send it back ....I am hoping they at least open it so they can get the check from the phone company inside as I am sure they could use the money...I am trying to follow Pastor Joes advice and not give them room to question my Christianity...although they already do that but rather "do" what is right in Gods' eyes...It will be a little odd not having the holiday with them but it is what it is...We must stand as a family for what is right...this is not negotiable! No black Friday shopping for me this week....Wow! what a difference a year makes....never did I think we would find ourselves in this position financially....we may have struggled throughout the years but this has really been a challenge. This has challenged me in so many ways....but I am making it through....I just pray that we can have a little Christmas at least for the children....though I know they would understand~ Tom starts his second job this week...he'll be working at a night supervisor...Lord willing it will work out. I am still searching for a job....part time ...I was looking for something full time but at this point I don't know that my health is up to it..we'll see what seems that everything I've been offered has closed on I have to believe that God has closed those doors and He is in control and still sits on the throne........ even through all this mess~~ We are still a family and God will see us through and give us the strength needed to press on and hold fast...He will rebuild our home!

Proverbs 2:11
Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe.

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