Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh so....tired~

Ever have a day when you thought....Why did I get up this morning?! Yes, well it has been one of those where it began all wrong....Not that we will go into a "the why". Suffice to say it was not a happy knock this morning but ....Once the coffee was going things started to turn for the better....if only due to the coffee.....hahaha Can't help but think of my hubby sitting in an airport terminal waiting for his flight out....all the many hours he had to sit and wait due to missing his afternoon flight...But you know God has a reason for everything and I can't help but least he didn't have to take the flight with his fellow co-worker that is highly unpleasant! Gotta see the rhyme and reason for it...I don't know that he would agree but ... The kids are settled into the tv and computer kicking back and having some down there anything else when your kid/teenager?! I know their missing their dad...No Scattagories tonight. For which I am sure they are bummed out about....Dad does the games, movies and lot's of fun...they have been having a blast these last few nights playing with him. They are all a bunch of maniacs when they play games...they are all highly competitive..Can't imagine where they get that from~ hahaha Tom is a complete child when he is playing with them and they love every minute of it. So I am here feeling a little lonely this evening as the house is quiet after the rowdy game last night. Hubby will be getting on th plane tonight at ten and will not get into Houston until after midnight! Wow....and with an early morning meeting. I can only hope they have some good coffee in the morning...I told the kids it will an early night for mom tonight after such an early morning and Friday is zoo day for Amanda...Something she is so good at! She is doing such a good job with volunteering at Busch Wildlife working with the animals and helping with the homeschool class. Can't believe I have a tenth-grader....I remember the day I knew I had to homeschool...When I knew dropping her off for someone else to teach and influence and shape was not good enough...she was only three....Wow! Thirteen years~ Where does the time go?! O to have some of those days back again...but she is growing into such a beautiful young lady...Having them home...Amanda, Austin, and Gabby has given me such wonderful memories, such wonderful times...My Austie...can't believe his birthday is around the corner~ My Pearl Harbor day baby! He'll be fourteen...he has such a loving heart...This is his favorite time of year~ Christmas music has started and it is piping out of his room 24/7. Austin is in his element~ My coming along...Such a beautiful girl~ she is turning into such a her journals, computer....short stories...You name it the child loves to write! she is our baby and loves every minute...My only regret as the holiday's are upon us are the many lost in our extended family....But God is good! I must remember to place them in His hands and step back...and let Him do the work~

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