Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our God is amazing! The Lord has been so wonderful to our family during this most difficult time~ He has restored our family....I had been praying so very hard that God would move in this...and He in all His mercy has~ We spent Mothers Day evening with our extended family at my dad and moms father is no longer mobile as his illness continues to ravage his body. I am so very saddened that we have not been with him this last year and really have had to give this over to the Lord. But we are together now and I am determined to make every effort to spend time with him. I am praying for a miracle ~ I am praying for Gods mercy on him...that the Lord would heal him ...that his operation will be successful so that the port in his arm will work for the dialysis and that his kidney would start to process again so that all the toxins will go out of his body and he will be restored! He is to the point where he is finding it difficult to even sit for any prolonged period of time and it is breaking my heart to see him in such horrible pain~ He is even finding it hard to visit with the grandchildren...something that lifts his spirits...So I take it before the Lord and pray with all my might! My brothers and I are once again speaking and little brother and Tom are once again speaking ....which is a miracle in itself and such an answer to prayer~ Tom is preparing to leave on Monday and is packing and continuing to get the house in order...I believe he has a sense of relief knowing that we are not going to be alone and that we have help now~ I spent all of late Sunday night and Monday in the hospital due to a horrible flare. Thought I was having a heartache....but after many tests they determined that it was my Lupus~ Big answer to prayer as today we were approved for complete health care through the state until Tom finds employment....This means that I can go to the doctor and get my medications...which will keep me out of the hospital~ The kids seem to have such a sense of relief now that the family is once again in our lives and we in theirs~ Amanda had her very first driving lesson today! I cannot believe it ....Where does the time go?! Little brother took her in his jumbo size suv and she did very well he tomorrow off she will go again to practice. This is such a blessing because with Tom away this will be a big help should I need her to drive me around town...not to mention what it will do for her self-esteem. Austie and Tom are off at church tonight by themselves...because Gabby is down with a stomach bug and Amanda is visiting with Papa and Mum Mum. Tom and Austie will be helping Juan tonight as they gather food for the churches I am sure we will getting Chicken , bread and pastries tonight~ We are blessed. We may not know what lies around the next corner but I firmly believe that God will see us through...He will continue to give us what we need ..when we need it and He will continue to restore our family so that we might glorify His name.

We need to remember to trust in the Lord and not to lean on our own understanding~

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