Thursday, May 7, 2009


Forgiveness~ Not an easy thing to do...but so very necessary for our Christian walk. We are told that if we don't forgive that we will not be forgiven....I believe that unforgiveness can harbor and grow if we let it.. into roots of bitterness that can forever have an adverse effect on our lives and those around us~ I have been asked to forgive my brothers by my parents...and I have~ But does that mean that I am to fellowship with them when I disagree with the things that they have done...I believe that I could forgive them and pray for them and yet keep a distance~ Even my pastor thought that was the thing to do...but now my father is dying...and he would like to die peacefully knowing that all is now well between his children. I am first and foremost struggling with the fact of my fathers demise in health...knowing that they may before to help him but more than likely he is running on borrowed time and it will really take an act of God to save him....but what do I do? I have a real struggle thinking about being in the same room as my brothers mistress/girlfriend~ and yet I have been asked to put this too the side due to the circumstances..what kind example is this for my children?~ I need the Lords' guidance..I need to seek an answer in prayer... I only want to do and be the person God wants me to be...I always want to serve the Lord and be a good example to my children so this too me is so...very important. I honestly do not think I can do this~ So I will PRAY~

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