Saturday, May 9, 2009

Forgiveness~ Part 2

Well~ The Lord is really growing me and wanting to stretch me in ways that are impossible without His grace covering me....My father is dying and he is wanting to leave this earth with his family reconciled ~ It has been in fragments ever since my brother left his wife and my little brothers bad business dealings with us...But we have been asked to push this to the side because we are older, more mature and "Christians"....isn't it hard when someone throws out "Christian"~ It is for me ...especially when it requires me to do something that without the Lord ; I would otherwise never, ever be able to do! I have sought counsel from wise Christian friends...I have sought counsel from our church and of course have prayed and sought the Lord in the midst of this situation...and they have all come to the same conclusion..and so have I although it is so far removed from what my "flesh" would do~! I am biting the bullet and honoring my fathers request~ I will make peace with my brothers...I will attend family functions when we can...and I will not reach out and touch my brothers mistress/girlfriend should she be there.....Wow~ This is not going to be is going to be one of the hardest things that I am going to do...but it is my father and we don't know how long he has~ My pastoral counselor told me that we are called to show the love of Christ....not only to those we feel that deserve it but to everyone....This is a reality check~ this is a teachable moment for my children as they watch me in this mess...This is going to stretch me in ways that I don't want....But! It is something that needs to be done...something that can't be put we stepped right in and called my little brother to set up a meeting....we emailed him a letter of forgiveness towards him and asking his~ Big step but we know we must do is so very short..something I know because of my illness..It is too precious to waste. So away we go! We pray the Lords presence upon the whole situation and that His will be done...We pray that we may be a light to those that don't know Him...We pray that we can instill in our children a love for the Lord and others~ I pray that God would be with us through all the many changes that are up ahead for our Tom prepares to leave..the uncertainty of having to leave our home..the unemployment of each of fathers health...Chris and the children's brothers salvation...So many things...lie up ahead~ But I know that if only moment by moment God will give us the strength to get through...He will never leave us or forsake us! Our heavenly Father who knows every hair on our head...every grain of sand on the beach...who never lets the sparrow go hungry....He will take us through~

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Debbie said...

Vickie, let me commend you on your choice to honor your dad. I do understand what you are going through and how hard it is. It's a win-win situation. Doing this is obeying God and setting forth a testimony for-if no one else- your kids. Who knows what God will do with all this in the future. Godspeed. He will bless you for obedience.