Saturday, May 2, 2009


We build our homes~ It is so important for us as wives and moms to remember this...what are we building? Our words have the ability to bless or to curse~ Are we blessing our family with our attitudes and actions? I have been really thinking about this as of late as we have been going through so many trials and struggles...but~ God has given us great encouragement through friends...through giving of our time to our church family and those around us...during this time..we are finding that if we focus less on ourselves and more on others..We are being blessed~ In so many ways...really the ability to wake up each day and know that God is going to might seem bleak at times but He continues to amaze in many ways.

A Wise Women Builds Her House~

My fervent prayer is that I am "building" my house~ That my children will really "know" the Lord and His "ways"..That they would serve Him in everything aspect of their lives...and that they would stay on the "straight and narrow"~ When I am feeling overwhelmed...I need to remind myself of this and remember that we cannot control anything but that God knows the outcome..and He is in control!

It was a long and tiresome day yesterday as Tom and I set back out to get health care for me..and it is going to be a difficult road to get any assistance...I actually had a bit of a nervous breakdown as I could not contain my tears sitting there...realizing where we had been in our lives and where we are now...but after having a good cry and realizing that I cannot do anything~ I am better today. We had a wonderful evening with friends celebrating a good friends was a time of encouragement and it is always good to know we are not alone in our struggles but that everyone has something in their lives that they are overcoming..the kids had a great time and it was good to reconnect with old friends~ God is good and always provides what we need~

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Debbie said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I had quit visiting you because for some reason I had trouble with your blog site on my old computer. I have a new computer now and I will stay in touch with ya.I am so thankful to see your thankfulness in the midst of trials; what a testimony and you're a great mom. I hope you have a great Mother's Day! Keep in touch.