Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is the day that the Lord has made..We will rejoice and be glad in it~

What an unbelievably busy day...but~ We got it all done....I went downtown and was able to get some assistance in order to get my meds..Yea! Because I have been without them for almost a month and it is starting to take a toll on my health..I am really feeling for lack of a better word..Yucky~ yep, that's right...So we have to go back tomorrow bright and early and I will get to see a doctor and someone who will help us get insurance...Praise God! Tom and I were able to have lunch together..we had never been..Cici's had a 3.99 special..You know it was actually good..and it was nice to have lunch together. We than went food shopping..Joy~ Actually, I don't mind food shopping...since I love cooking I am always trying something different~ So now a little bit of a that tonight we can take the kids over to see dad..he is not mobile and must stay home except for doctor's appointments~ we are trying to spend time with him and mom and get back into the groove of being a family. God is good~ He knows what we need and will give us the grace to get thru~ Tom and I were talking about it today...we don't know where we are going to land..but God knows and because of is going to be ok~

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