Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Bees~

Busy...busy....busy~ These past several days have left me completely exhausted! The kids and I had a lovely day with some friends that have recently moved back home...went for lunch and ended up spending the whole day~ It was so good to fellowship with like-minded people..the kids have a wonderful time and we were made to feel so very welcome in their home. Tom and I helped chaperon a block party at church...where there were over a thousand kids! Then Saturday up early to go to the special needs center and then off to church Saturday today is our day of rest~ We had a uneventful and lazy day for the most part ..just what was needed as tomorrow it is back to the weekly routine. Tom has left Blockbuster...they refused to give him his money back from taking out incorrect taxes after they said they would...and cut his hours he is making more money from unemployment~ He has just two weeks left until he leaves for driving this will give us time to get our house in order for when he is gone. It will so strange not having him all our years being married we have never been apart for more than five days~ We are hoping and praying that he will be offered a job right away and can start work...My prayer is that he will be offered a position that will allow him to come home at least on the weekends...but we will see~ As it stands now it looks as if he will be driving across the country..this will allow him to make the most money. We are very uncertain right now where we will land but I know that God knows~ So we are waiting to see..We will have an idea in the next month or so and we have waited this what is another several weeks~

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