Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Anyone?!

All around this great nation of our's people have risen to the occasion and said enough is enough! We need to just say no to our governments overspending over intrusion in our lives~ The American people are waking up to realize that the change we need is not the change we have...But the great thing about our nation and our people is they will not be silenced...We will not give up or give in~ These tea parties are only the beginning of the people letting our government know that we not only disapprove of their decisions but they will be taken to task and will have to answer to "we the people"...ONE NATION FOUNDED UNDER matter what obama says or thinks our country was founded on CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES~ My son said didn't he ever read the Constitution?~ We must pray and pray hard for our country and we must take back our government so that it represents the values and principles we were founded on~ No more sending our money overseas for more extreme , elitist, socialist policies, agendas or government!


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