Monday, April 20, 2009

God is so good~

God is always so good~ No matter what is around the corner We need to know that He knows what is lurking and He will take us through! I am seeking to remember this as we go through trials and uncertainties here at home...Where will the Lord plant our family? I don't know but I know that God knows the beginning , middle and ending to our families story and we only need to seek Him first~ And just as He promises ...."everything will be added unto you"~ It may not look like what we want it too~ But just like any parent ...He knows best. We had a major breakthrough last Wednesday on the extended family home front...My parents asked to see the children...My father was placed in the hospital after he turned blue~ He had to have a blood transfusion...His kidney is no longer working and he is very much living on borrowed time. It was uncomfortable at first because we did not know what to expect but after a while it went was just fine~ Tom came in and gave dad a hug and apologized for losing his temper and dad too asked his forgiveness....ran into Ed and he asked my forgiveness......We I believe are called to forgive and know I believe we proceed with caution for our hearts~ But we must first and foremost are called to show the love of Christ. I feel that God would have us to spend this time with him especially not knowing what tomorrow holds~ So off we seek Gods will during all of this~ So I pray for for guidance and wisdom.

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