Monday, May 18, 2009

Little things~

God cares about the little things~ No matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant. I am always telling my kids that....He cares! Well, last March when the business started to go south...and we were struggling to make payroll there was nothing left to do but to start to rid ourselves of anything of value. So we bit the bullet and sold every last stitch of my jewelery that Tom had gotten me through the years...and it was quite a nice collection..My husband is a generous man and had made for me the most beautiful engagement ring that he had designed himself. Well, as of late it may seem so very silly but I miss that ring...and maybe it is not so much the ring but the whole story behind it~ So , I have really tried not to even think about it...On Mother's day I was blessed by my aunt with a gift I asked Tom to take me to Kolhs..I walk into the ladies Jewelery section and he walks into the shoes...Long story short I find a ring that looks just like the one he had designed o' so many years ago~ Now mind you it isn't the real thing But it looks like it...I showed it to him and he couldn't believe it~ Anyhow, sixteen dollars later and I am smiling because God cares about even the what may seem like the silliest things~ And I can look at this pretty piece of jewelry and think of my husband and the past, present and our future as he is away for three weeks at school and potentially for a very long time...once he is out on the road. God cares...little , big , small, silly, serious...doesn't matter we matter to Him~ He hears us and we need to remember that when we think He's not listening because He is~

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