Friday, January 1, 2010

The Holidays~

The holidays have come and gone~ just seemed to creep up on me and now its time to recuperate. I had planned on having a very quiet night and we were going to stay in but mom seemed so blue with dad in bed and her and my aunt being all we all changed from our pj's and off we went to spread the last of the holiday cheer. We had dessert together and than my dad was able to get up at eleven to wait until the New Year. This time of year has always been a very big deal for my parents~ lots of family gatherings and always a New Years party...but times have changed and last night it was just us and the kids. My father has changed a great deal in the last several weeks...he has really begun to give up on life and it is very hard to see. The kids did seem to cheer him up a bit..they actually got him to play wii with them. I am hoping and praying the New Year will bring Tom a full-time job and us a permanent home...and a great deal of health for everyone. We have been blessed with a beautiful new baby in the family. Summer Elizabeth Ann and I am so thankful that this new niece is healthy after her emergency arrival. Grandma continues to slip away but there are at times glimpses and I suppose I need to accept this but I miss her so~ I know that the Lord will continue to shower us with His love and grace.


Dolores said...

Good morning Vikki! Your family is so thoughtful to cheer up your parents on New Years Eve, I betcha that meant so much to them.

My prayer for you and your family is good healthy, a permanent job and home......Amen


michalswarm said...

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