Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update on my dad~

Just received a call from my mom ~ back at the hospital with my dad. He was released the other day...we believe due to Obama-care but thank God his physicians have figured out a way to get around a system that is already changing for those who are chronically ill. God is good~ after my complete melt-down over the weekend I have heard from a dear blogging know who you are! Thank you for the encouragement and prayer!! I was able to reconnect with some of my parents friends who in turn have reconnected with them..this has been a real blessing too them. To have Gods people pray is what is at this moment I am holding is a moment by moment thing~

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Dolores said...

Oh Vikki, how terrible that your dad was released from the hospital, when he definitely needs to be there. It's so good to hear that his doctor was able to get him admitted again.

Having family and friends for support, with their love and prayers is so comforting when going through these difficult times.....the friend reconnection is a blessing.

I continue my thoughts and prayers for your families peace/understanding and healing.