Saturday, January 9, 2010

Off we go~

My goodness as we get ready to head out to church this evening we are bundling up! Can't believe is never this cold here~ so to say we are unprepared is an understatement. I have crackers for children...native Floridians. They do not like to bundle-up. My son really has nothing in his drawers but shorts ...what an awful mom I am~ He just came downstairs too me with the only pair of jeans he owns...he just does not like long pants. He finds them constricting! It is a high of 42 here today in South Florida and very rainy. What a combo..just like New Jersey in the winter...Yuk! I don't mind the cold but I do not like cold and rain. So here we are searching for something to wear to keep us warm as we head out this evening. My dad continues to be in the hospital. The anxiousness seems to have returned last night as well as stomach issues. We are praying for him that the Lord would just give him a blessed peace in the middle of this storm and for my mother as well~

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Dolores said...

Yes, this cold weather is really catching us off guard. I do not like cold weather, and this is really an unusually cold winter. We had something break outside last night at 10:00, and I'm outside in the freezing weather, trying to turn off the connection.
I'm really looking forward to springtime!!!!
Continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family...