Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dads dinner~

Dinner was a huge success on Friday~ everyone ate to their hearts content and I was amazed that my dad had an appetite. He had a biopsy in the morning on his eyelid for what seems to be a cancerous tumor...than off to dialysis. The kids had a good time keeping him company watching his favorite shows~ sometimes it is just the little things that seem to bring some joy. So today I am exhausted! Amanda was to sing tonight at church but with both Tom and I under the weather today..she will have to wait until tomorrow. I am very thankful that church has many services for us to choose from so on my off days; we can adept. So tonight is a quiet night filled with movies and cookies for the kids. I am so thankful for a chance to rest...seems as if that is something that has been lacking as of late and something I cannot do without~ Tomorrow we will be off again to my parents for a family dinner. I will not be cooking though as my aunt will be bringing some lasagnas from Sam's. We will just a chance to fellowship and get the kids out and Gabby is looking forward to it as lasagna is her favorite. She is off in the kitchen now doing dishes...Austin and Tom watching a movie ....Mandy somewhere....and I will get the rest I need~ Thank the Lord.

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Dolores said...

So good to hear that your dad is improving, and the dinner sounds great!

Rest is so important..... you've been one busy girl for a long time. Hoping you get some rest.
Thoughts, prayers and hugs,