Friday, April 23, 2010

Prayer needed for single mom~

I got a phone call this afternoon from a single mom that I have been assisting with some educational is truly heartbreaking. She and her father and little boy will be homeless tomorrow because they have lost their home and have been living in a hotel...she doesn't have the money for the next several days..I have called everywhere to try to get her help to no avail...they want to split her from her father who is elderly. What is this world coming to?! So I took it before the Lord...nothing else I can do...we cannot help her though I want to~ When I think I have it hard....when I grumble in my spirit...when I have a bad attitude....I need to remember how much the Lord has blessed me with~ This is such a hard time for so many...a transitional time for families, our country and the church but ! knowing that God is there in the middle of it all...He cares and sometimes it takes us being powerless to remind us of this.

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Dolores said...

Oh Vikki...... that is so sad!!! Thanks for sharing this information, I'll be praying for her.

I hope you and your family are doing better.