Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday evening and all is well~

It's been a very long week...and it's only Tuesday! So thankful to be up and around after being held hostage in my room for the past week with a migraine. Yuck~ Today though I was able to for the first time in days to be up and around somewhat...was awakened by the phone this morning.....some friends just do not understand what it is to have this lovely disease called Lupus. So once I was up I put on the crock pot of Spanish beans that my son has been begging for~ he doesn't believe that I have been making enough Spanish food and wondered why I was neglecting our culture. He is too funny and I just never know what might come out of his mouth. So dinner was a huge success and I was very amazed because normally when I cook and I am sick...well the results are horrible! I am hoping to getting around to seeing grandma tomorrow ...haven't seen her in over a week. It seems the stress of Tom with no work and mounting bills is starting to take a toll on my health~ and it is not that I am not trusting the Lord it is just a very stressful time. I am praying for some relief~ my poor husband is feeling the as if he is not the provider that God intended...so I pray a lot and than I pray some more....dad got some very bad news..he has cancer of the eyelid and it will have to be removed and than a plastic surgeon will have to reconstruct his eyelid....and so we pray some more~ this life is a continuous walk of faith never knowing what is around the corner but knowing that God knows and will give us the strength needed just as we need it...and in our case give us what we need on a moment by moment basis....I am not liking this but really what choice is there but to walk on~

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Dolores said...

Yummmmmm.... I bet those spanish beans were good.... actually , I love anything that's spranish/mexican..... the spices are soooo good!!

Vikki.....I'm so sorry that you're having to travel this journey..... but you and I know that..... God will NEVER give us more than we can handle.....
My thoughts and prayers...... are with you and your family!!!