Thursday, April 8, 2010


Quiet day today for the most part....I know that I have been absent as of late but I honestly just needed some time to absorb all that is going on~ Tom lost his unemployment last week just in time for the van to need a complete overhaul...over a thousand dollars later and my melt-down is complete. His an appeal coming in a couple of much prayer would be appreciated. Seems the company he was working for part-time told unemployment that he has been working full-time...wouldn't that be wonderful! It has been two years now and to say he is ready to work full-time would be an understatement. So we sit and wait until his appeal and the judges decision. He continues to apply everywhere and so do I but nothing as of yet~ He finally did hear from the company in Texas; they ended up going with someone local..oh well. I am holding out on the Lord~ He and I had a long conversation the other night...I totally let it out..felt much better afterward. The kids and Tom are watching a movie tonight ....The Princess and the Frog~ the girls had been dying to see it but a trip to movies has not been in the budget. Thank the Lord for Redbox....who can beat a dollar?~ Tomorrow my dad has another surgery ..this time on a cancer on his eyelid..and next week a major surgery on his circulation in his leg..his foot has an another ulcer and than of course Tom takes him to dialysis three times a week. My who ever said life is easy but there are joys along the way and I have learned that it is these moments that I cling too~ glimpses of heaven that the Lord allows us to see. The kids are looking forward to dinner tomorrow night at my parents..they haven't seen their papa in a week as Gabby had an awful cold over Easter. I'll be cooking a big dinner and it will be a good time of fellowship for them and us. God is faithful I've learned through all the trials and struggles; He has given me the strength for the journey...I remember learning as a teen about sanctification and our Christian life and how if we drew it out on paper it would look like a series of valleys and hills and mountains....well little did I know at the time what truth there was to that....right now we are in the valley..but I am looking heaven-ward to getting to the top of the mountain although at this moment a hill would not be so bad~


KathyB. said...

Oh Vikki, your burdens are almost unbearable except for Jesus. My heart hurts for you all, yet even though you seem, yes SEEM to be at the end of your rope your words always leave me with the feeling you just know and trust the God Who's hands you have placed your life and whole being into. Prayers for you all.

Rochelle said...

Ohhhh Vikki, I am so sorry to hear!!! :( Please know that you are being prayed for!

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comment on my blog. You are such a dear!!

And Amen, praise God for Redbox! :)

Dolores said...

Vikki, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog.

Hang in there sweet Vikki..... God will never leave you (you know that).....
Your faith and strength are such an inspiration!
Hug, prayers and love being sent your way!