Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's only Tuesday?!

It's only Tuesday and I am tired just thinking about the next several days~ yesterday I went to the oncologist with my aunt; she starts radiation on Friday...the report was very good!  So glad~ she will be on radiation therapy for the next six weeks.  I will be taking Amanda tomorrow to a local college to look into possibly attending classes.  She is struggling with my dad's passing, losing our home and her dad still looking for a good job~ she is floundering and I think that if we can get her excited about the possibilities out there for her than maybe she can overcome this depression.  Tom has an interview tomorrow and I have one on Thursday.  We are not allowing ourselves to become excited anymore about "possibilities"; we are just going to wait and see.  I have been busy working on getting my great-aunt her things back...that is a story in itself.  So needless to say~ I am tired and stressed but I try to look at the bigger picture and take it one day at a time.  I just continue to pray and wait on the Lord.  Lord-willing sometime after Christmas I will have assistance with Austin's medical care so that we can get him to a rheumotologist.  Until than I am trying to just let him get the rest that his body needs~ he is very fatigued and in a great deal of joint pain.  Gabby is keeping busy with church and is looking forward to trying out for the high school praise team.  Time is moving along so very quickly and with the holiday's just around the corner; I am wondering just what we are going to do~ where will we spend it...Tom and I are leaning towards just a very quiet time with the kids and my aunt as I am sure mom will be going to my brother's homes.  I am hoping to locate our fall decorations~ my favorite time of year! I think this just might spread some cheer.  So somewhere between all these appointments this week....I am going to find the time.

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Dolores said...

Through all you're going through, you're always an inspiration...keeping you always in my prayers...hugs