Monday, October 24, 2011

One Step~

Thank you Lord; I made it through the day!  So happy after not sleeping and waking up with a bit of a flare.  Today was the first day of radiation for my aunt and she was extremely nervous but she got through the treatment and day one.  Tomorrow morning another treatment and than we are off to my great auntie~ while I leave aunt number 1 resting....I am off again with aunt 2 to her doctors appointment for the surgery.  Quite the busy week ahead with appointments throughout the week and than surgery for aunt number 2 on Friday.  Wow~ tired just thinking about it!  I had Tom home for the past two days.....and he was sick!  So disappointed because he had planned on us spending time together.  Seems like with his crazy work schedule and mine we don't get a lot of time to spend together.  Wednesday is our anniversary~ twenty-one years!  I just can't believe it~ it has flown by.  This year is bittersweet with all the changes we had this past year.  Last year my parents had a dinner for us; my dad always remembered and tried to make it special.  Missing him a great deal with the holidays coming.  Yesterday we had a family dinner and his presence was missed by everyone.  I don't know that this will ever get any easier....I suppose it is a matter of time.  I am going to try along with my aunt to plan a couple of days away that way we are not here for Christmas this year.  Just a short getaway to Orlando.  There is a great deal of things we can do and see during Christmas time.  It was a tradition started when the kids were little~ my parents, my grandma and aunt and the kids and Tom and I would all go up to see the Disney Village and all the Lord willing that is our goal~ to get the kids out of here and in a happy and fun place.  Things have has changed and we just need to adapt and start new traditions with the kids.  I want to transition them as easily as possible~ though I know it won't be easy; it has to be done and we have to move on in some ways~ I know dad would have wanted this and yet it is still so hard.  So we are making plans for Thanksgiving at a cousin's...and birthdays with just the kids...and Christmas away.  One step at a time~


Dolores said...

It's so good that you're there for your aunts during this time when they need your love and support..

I like your idea of mixing it up and doing things differently during the holidays. Traditions are wonderful, but it's really hard when we're missing people in our lives, who mean so much to us.

Love and prayers,

Dolores said...

Thinking and praying for you....I hope all is well.