Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainy Day~

It's a rainy day here in sunny South Florida~  made it through the busy day yesterday and spending the day indoors today with all the rain.  Curled up with the pets and Gabs in my room~ a very lazy day...just regrouping from all that has been going on.  Yesterday was busy with two doctors appointment and than errands.   Grandma's sister, my great-aunt is scheduled for a major surgery on October the 28th and dad's sister, my other aunt will be starting radiation on Monday.  In prep for the radiation there needs to be measurements on Friday.  Today is Titi Eva's 84th birthday and tomorrow afternoon we will be going out for an early dinner before I am off to work.  She is very much looking forward to her day tomorrow....she is too much~ spunky as can be no one would say that she is 84!  She made me cry yesterday after her doctor's appointment she told me that my grandma might be with the Lord now but I have her~ and she is there for me.  She is such a strong woman, independent and she has such a wonderfully strong faith in God.  Even with all that has happened to her in life; she is not jaded but continually leans on the Lord.  A good reminder to me; to not give up!  So today it's just me and the Gabber as everyone else is down for the count...good afternoon to spend with my precious girl.

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Dolores said...

Sounds like a good and relaxing time with your girl....can't get much better than that!

Vikki, you're such a loving and caring person...always caring and loving everyone around you.
Keeping you in my prayers.