Sunday, October 30, 2011

Titi Eva (Great-Aunt Eva)

It has been a long and difficult week.  Friday my aunt and two cousins gathered at the hospital for my great-aunt's surgery.  It was so much more major than any of us thought~ including the doctor.  What was a major surgery turned into a very major and risky surgery that lasted four hours.  He had to take out four feet of intestine and had to cut her up to her spleen.....he was not expecting her to be as ill as she was~ neither were any of us....she is now in the critical care unit and the recovery has not begun yet~ she now has a fever and may have an infection.  I was called this morning at six to rush to the hospital as the medication made her delusional and she has pulled out all of her tubes and tried to leave the hospital small feet for an eighty-three year old woman.  I got there and she had been strapped to the bed....I removed the straps and was able to calm her down to the point that she was able to stabilize a bit.  It has been a hard day~  my cousin's and I are going to take turns keeping an eye on is touch and go~ and I am praying...very hard.  I want to hear her crazy laugh and her jokes and see that smile again.  So tonight Lord willing she will have a peaceful night ~ I am praying for that.


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! vikki` wow~ so sorry about your aunt, I am praying for her and for you! God will provide every thing you need:) Hold on to HIS promises~ they never fail!

Dolores said...

Saying prayers for your aunt, your family and the doctors caring for her..