Tuesday, July 14, 2009


God's care for us is simply amazing~ His provision is perfect and always on time....Just when Tom and I think Lord we need you to see us through...He does! I got a phone call from Tom yesterday as I sat here with Grandma ...a very excited phone call~ he had gotten the mail and lo and behold there was a check from social security for me...we had no idea that I had been approved~ last I heard Senator Nelson's office was following up~ well, the amount was based upon what I made when I was working for our business...needless to say what an absolute complete blessing! We can pay our monthly bills and get a bed! We have been sleeping on a very uncomfortable futon...and it may seem silly but I have been praying the Lord would supply us with a bed~ The Lord's provision is always on time....we can get things we need....we can take a breath....Wow! Thank you Jesus for all you have done in our lives....we are a living testimony to God's goodness...His love for His people is something which I am so grateful for~ Grandma continues to heal...her vitals are good and today she is resting and sleeping. We continue to pray for her complete healing and we pray that the Lord gives the doctors the knowledge to know how to care for her....I pray that she would be a living testimony to those who may doubt that she will be healed and that would give the honor and praise and glory to God. She has a love for the Lord that she wears about her...she always took care of those around her and had a heart of hospitality that passed on to those around her~ She was there for me throughout the years when my children were little helping every step of the way...through many moves it was grandma that helped me even after her first several strokes...it was grandma who gave me godly advice on married life...she taught me how to cook and influenced me in ways that I am forever grateful for....I pray the Lord's healing hand be upon her and that He sends His angels to minister to her~ We love you grandma!

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Debbie said...

Good news! I'm glad to know that you will have the comfort of a good bed; I know how important a good nights rest can be just in the way we function each day. Glad to hear that your Grandmother is resting well and that you are caring for her. Blessings, Deb