Sunday, July 12, 2009


When I think I can't be shocked....well~ I am...and yet I shouldn't be because the world has it's view of how things should be done and God has His way..and God's people "should" be following the Lord's ways....Right?
Grandma is not doing well...but she has had a stroke and is suffering from complications of a she is having memory issues....she has a weak left side and she cannot swallow...all things that will improve with physical therapy~ and Yet...I am dealing with people who would have me starve her so that she can die "peacefully"~ She had to have a feeding tube put in...because she cannot she needs nutrition in order to recover....acceptable measure to insure that she improves and becomes healthy again...and yet....these "people" would have me with hold food...because they find it an extraordinary measure....I am praying for wisdom....I am praying that as I travel this week Grandma improves before I leave....I am praying for her recovery! A woman that loves the Lord with all her heart...a woman that always took care of everyone...Someone that I promised I would make sure was taken care of matter what I will not let her down~ I know that if my grandfather were still alive today he would be outraged by this "unchristian" attitude towards life....I believe that God will give me the fortitude to stand for what is right.


Debbie said...

Stand your ground. A feeding tube is not life support; it is a means to administer nutrition to someone who cannot swallow by themselves. It will make her comfortable and is a compassionate gesture. My mom had one after her stroke and she recovered to the point where it was removed and she could swallow soft foods. Don't let anyone bully you on this. God will take her home when He is ready; it is not our place to murder someone by starvation when they are not able to make decisions for themselves in the name of 'dignity'. I'd rather be the recipient of 'compassion' than 'dignity'. They have all swallowed the world's message, which is really 'convenience'. I am glad you are the one making the decisions. Not a mistake for sure!
You're in my prayers AND Grandma! God bless,

KathyB. said...

YES! My husband and his family were advised to do the same for their mother 6 years ago, when she had a stroke. The medical terminology the doctors used covered up the true intent, starving her.The doctors said she was dying and we rallied all the family from all over the country to be here for her death. My husband told his father,who was almost persuaded to follow medical advice, what the advice really meant.Short story, Grandma has made a FULL recovery and was at our family reunion this Sunday....stand your ground, as Debbie said. You won't have any regrets.

Vikki G said...

I thank you all for the Godly support! We are holding fast and will not allow anyone to make such decisions...spoke with doctor yesterday and told him what was said and he said Good thing their not in charge! Praise God! He and I are on the same page. Grandma spent the day speaking with me yesterday and had a good day for all she has been through~ She also made me chuckle...she said she heard them talking and they were pains in the tuckies(butt) and did not wish to speak with them....She is a card.