Monday, July 6, 2009

God is Amazing!

His mercies are new every morning~ They are indeed! Great is thy faithfulness!

Sent my Gabby out to the mailbox this morning to find a card of encouragement from a dear friend....Well, guess I should back-track just a bit~ Had a phone call last week and my friend wanted to know if she could perhaps help us out by letting our community of homeschooler's know that we could use a bit of help due to my health and the medical bills that I have incurred and than with Tom's can imagine~ I had shared with her that I have always been an extremely private person but the Lord is definitely showing me that we all could use help and that I have to learn how to accept the past I have always been the one to give it but accepting is a very hard thing for I had shared that of course if people felt led by the Lord I would be most thankful...So jump to this morning and I get a card from her but not only a card but a five hundred dollar check for medical expenses! What an absolute blessing~ You see...I have to go to my rheumatologist and he is not covered and so each time it is one hundred and sixty-five dollars....I have missed many an appointment since Tom lost his job because we just have not had the money...But! Now I can go....God is amazing...each time I think... what are we going to do...each time I think I can't go another step...each time I feel weary and worn and completely overwhelmed...The Lord is there providing emotional and financial support....this season I am in is uncomfortable and yet I am learning that I must completely trust Him for everything and in doing this He has not failed our family~ We have a roof, and food that is plentiful , and a wonderful church family and friends that truly practice what they preach...We are blessed beyond belief~