Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a week~

What a week! And that is an understatement....Monday morning I got a call that Grandma was not well~ I had put a phone call several weeks ago into her doctor to see if he would run some tests because we felt like something was not right...he was very condescending. So I had decided that when I got home we would change doctors as I am her POA....but of course I ended up in the hospital and sick for several weeks and that went on the back burner. So she started to decline...we were told she had the flu and of course I couldn't visit with all the meds I am Monday evening she was in the hospital~ She should have been admitted on Sunday but when the nursing home called the "doctor"...he refused to admit her even after they told him they believed she was suffering a stroke...."Malpractice"?! I will be filing a complaint with the medical board. Grandma meanwhile is on a feeding tube because she cannot is so uncomfortable that she has pulled it out three times...I need wisdom...and we need favor in order to get this doctor to be held accountable. I haven't seen her this sick in a very long is heartbreaking and I need to sign for surgery to put a tube in her stomach on Monday and than Tuesday I leave for a board meeting for five days~ I need strength...I have been running all week and I am tired and feeling a great deal of pain....I am at my brother's house-sitting this weekend...Which is a blessing! I have an actual bed to sleep in because we have had to use a futon at home for the past several months due to not being able to buy one due to Tom's employment this is like a mini-vacation....and he has a the Lord has been merciful...I just need to regroup before Monday. The week ahead holds so much to do..and yet I know as I type God has not failed me yet and continues day by day to give what is needed...So I take my requests before Him and leave them at His feet~

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Rochelle said...

Thank you for your kind words... you're so sweet, you brought tears to my eyes just knowing someone else really understands!!! I appreciate your support and understanding soooo much!

I'm so sorry to hear about what's happening with your Grandma. :( I'll be praying!!