Thursday, July 16, 2009

Godly heritage~

My grandma is such a woman of God~ She has always encouraged me in the big and small...She has been a rock too me when I had no one...She has prayed with me and for me~ She loves the Lord and His ways....What a legacy she has given me and my children ~ Tomorrow at 2:30 she will be having the surgery to have a feeding tube put in her stomach ....we are very happy that it will no longer be in her nose..this is very uncomfortable and has caused her a great deal of this is a blessing. I pray the the Lord would guide the surgeons hands and that she would recover well and that this would assist her in her nutritional needs as she cannot eat enough by mouth....although tonight when I showed up with a strawberry sundae she ate the whole thing and had another strawberry ice cream as well... along with milk! Praise God!! God is good...she is slowly but surely recovering and she has worth and value in not only the Lord's eyes but to those who love her as well~ I have been playing Christian music for her and reading her the Psalms and it seems to be helping in her recovery...she is moving her fingers and feet to the music and even brushed her hair and stood for a while today! Progress...we are all a work in progress ...I think it would do well for those who question her care to remember this...

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