Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekend away~

We are off this weekend to a board meeting...I will presenting the budget that I must become more acquainted with before Saturday. I must say that my head and heart are not in this right grandma continues to not be herself~ Not that I can blame her with all that she has been through and continues to endure. In the grand scheme of things I can keep asking myself why I do the things I do...I know that I have felt called to serve in various areas...and God has opened the doors but I suppose I am feeling just a little worn out...the hospital can do that to you..and the back and forth and now seeing grandma it is just leaving me depleted~ I still need to pack and run errands and of course check in on grandma...Pray on her and let her know I will be back on Sunday~ I know that although she is not speaking that she can hear me as she will respond with appropriate nodding and even smiles~ I miss our communication...I pray the Lord would heal her...So to say that my heart in not in this meeting is an understatement but I know that I need to follow through this is something that needs to get done that way we can continue with being able to help people. Tom and Austin and Gabby and I will drive up at some point tomorrow..Amanda is already there keeping Stephanie company and trying to minister to her~ We will be meeting up and seeing Amanda before she leaves for Kansas city on Saturday and then she will be back on Tuesday. So off we go for our weekend..I am hoping that this will at least give Tom some time with the kids before he leaves for trucking school on Monday. They will really miss their dad if only for a the week~

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