Monday, August 3, 2009

Staying focused~

These past several days..I have been having trouble with staying focused...Which is a symptom I believe of my weariness because I am naturally a focused person. I have been praying for sometime for my children that the Lord would keep them on the straight and narrow and the He would keep their eyes ahead of them to for me to feel like this was defeating to say the very least and than I remember our circumstances and my life begins to swirl around me~ Ever have days like this when you find yourself simply crying out.....Lord are you there? Lord do you see the mess I am ? Lord do you care? Tom was away at school last week..he had failed his air brake test...well, they made him take all five exams again...even though he had passed them about pressure. My poor husband missed it by two points..and than he got a ticket coming home...he too feels worn and weary...and yet a friend said to me today..hold on your breakthrough is right around the corner...and you know...I believe that...what is that old saying it is always darkest before the dawn~ Our God is a God of miracles one who I believe can do all things...My plaque in the kitchen reads: "GOD ANSWERS KNEE MAIL"....So Lord I am on my knees~

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KathyB. said...

I totally understand. The song I posted on my blog 2 days ago, by Casting Crowns , says it all. Bless you. I have to cling to the words God gives saying He will not give us more than we are able to bear,but sometimes I am not too sure about this. Somehow, only God knows how, you will all come through this victorious!