Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Proud~

I am so proud....of my Gabby! We spent the afternoon working on her blog~ She is my twelve year old aspiring writer. She really is talented and I am not just saying this as her mom...hahaha I know your probably thinking....sure. But! She loves to write...forever in her notesbooks...on her computer...When she thinks I am not looking. She is writing a story which is quite good...a little sad but~ So..check out her blog~ I think you will be very surprised. On another note entirely different we spent this weekend at church being very much encouraged by the teaching of Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong Australia. He is a very good teacher and just what I needed~ Tom was down last night with another migraine but was able to go this morning. Amanda sang in the choir this weekend so that was an added treat. She is so me instructions on how I shouldn't look at her when she is singing or she will burst out laughing. So I looked everywhere but at her but Tom couldn't resist and she said he stared at her the whole time...proud dad that he is~ The munchkins came to church last night first time in a long time for them...I am praying for my sister-in-law that she would just release all the anger and hurt she has toward my brother and just rest in the Lord. I am afraid that she is drifting quite far from the Lord...looking at the wrong things to help to fulfill her. I can only encourage her and pray. Lord-willing we will be off to see my dad this evening..he is not well. I pray the Lord would hear our hearts cry and begin to prepare that arm so that he may have the dialysis. I am praying for strength for my mom during this difficult time. She has no support system besides Tom the kids and I and my two other brother is still off doing his own thing. I know my parents have a burden for his salvation. We keep praying and hope that he will see that without the Lord all he has doesn't matter~ It is sad because I miss him and yet he wants nothing to do with us because of my sister-in-law. But she has no family and I won't stop helping her...what would that say about Christians too her...what sort of testimony would that be~ So many needs but God sees them all and in His timing everything will fall into place.

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