Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tom and I took grandma to the doctor today to have her eyes checked..just as I thought she has an eye infection. The doctor was very kind to her as was the office staff which makes it so much easier for grandma with everything that she has been through with the stroke. She is progressively getting better..she is speaking a little more each day and starting to piece her thoughts together better. I think it is a shame that my dad is expecting so much from her~ a little too much if you ask me. Grandma recognized both of us and knew us by name..Tom got so happy when grandma called him Tomas~ He and grandma have always been so close..anytime we have needed advice we have always gone to grandma..she is a true woman of God who really loves the Lord. She has given my children a godly example and my children adore their Gigi. I pray each day that the Lord would restore her to complete health. Should Tom get the job in Kentucky we have a lot to consider~ Grandma said when she was well and she knew we might move that she was to go with us..which we had planned all is just a matter of finding a facility of the same quality that she has now. We have further assistance from Vita hospice now...not because she is terminal but due to the severity of her they send in extra nurses and therapists to assist in her care which I think keeps the facility more on their toes and gives me greater peace of mind should I be having a bad day and am not able to get there to check in on her~ My grandma..Tom and I promised her we would look after her and it is the very least we can do after all she did for so many people through her life.


Debbie said...

So glad to hear that she is thriving under the love and good care you give her. God shining thru you has made such a difference for her.

Rochelle said...

praying for you!!! thanks as always for your wonderful, loving encouragement. i always appreciate your comments so much!