Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a busy day I had today~ Amanda and I went to visit with grandma for a little while before we were off to the airport to pick up my aunt..grandma's daughter but not before we made a Starbucks run...because I needed some energy! Grandma seemed to be a little less together than yesterday but I think it was to be expected after the very long day she had yesterday. It was nice though when we got there and she had on one of her new dresses that we got her yesterday..she couldn't wait to tell me how much she liked her new dress. Isn't just like us ladies to be cheered up by a new outfit! I was so happy that she was happy~ So Amanda and I picked up Gabby and off we went to the airport where we sat for an hour waiting for my aunt who unknown to us had arrived an hour earlier and did not think to call us to let us know that she had been waiting outside...I keep telling her she needs a cell phone. So she treated the whole family to Chinese food at her house..which was a blessing because I was completely to tired to cook. Than I stopped by to read to grandma before she went to bed...I read the Psalms to her and several hymns and each time I would finish one she would say Praise God! I left her sleeping~ God is good I made through all I had to do..Like the saying goes..Tomorrow is another day but with the Lord it is always doable and always special in one way or another.

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Debbie said...

I admire you so much; I can only imagine the toll all this takes on you physically. The time you invest will come back to you many times and I am so thankful for your grandma's sake that you are caring for her. I'll pray for your health and continued energy to meet the task. Good news about your husband's job situation. Sometimes God seems so slow, but He always shows up in time;=)