Thursday, August 27, 2009

Couch day~

Today is one of those days when I realize...I am someone who has an illness. Woke up this morning feeling ill and exhausted. But I am so thankful that I have a husband that understands and propped me up on the couch to rest. The kids have been cleaning the house today and now we are all just having down time. Tom and Austie are off to my parents house for company and so Austie could get a haircut from my mom. Amanda is baking...of course..brownies. Amanda has always loved baked goods since she was a baby....So now she bakes alot! Gabby and Austin benefit from her efforts. We are still waiting to hear about the job in Kentucky for Tom. I was hoping that they would have called him earlier in the week but we honestly have no choice but to wait. He'll be going to a job fair in Melbourne on Monday. We will see what will happen I know God has something in store for our family. Amanda is very excited she'll be singing this weekend with the choir and we have a special guest from Hillsong. She was hoping to have some friends in but a sick animal has changed their plans but Tom the proud dad will be in the front row. We are getting ready to start back to school shortly and I have been busy selecting curriculum and plotting out our year. It will be exciting~ Amanda is starting her junior year and Austin will be a freshman and Gabby will be starting seventh grade. I can hardly believe it..I honestly don't know where the time went. But I must say Tom and I are really enjoying every moment with them..even with all the teenage hormones! God has been good~ Our children love the Lord and we as a family have been blessed.

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