Friday, August 28, 2009

God is faithful~

I walked into my grandma's room today and to my amazement she was sitting in her recliner wearing the new dress Tom had picked out for her. She looked wonderful and she recognized Amanda and I right away. She was so talkative and so happy to see us. She told me she was so happy we had come to see her and that she misses me when she doesn't see me. I knew she would remember that I was unable to come yesterday. But she was concerned for me and my health. And to think the family doesn't think she is improving~ If only they would come and see her...but they find it depressing. I don't know ..grandma has always been my confidant and we have always had such a close relationship. I am truly blessed. She expressed to me that it is frustrating to her that her mind is not working the way she would like it too~ I told her that each day she is improving and our God is faithful and will continue to heal her. I spoke with my mom today and my dad is not doing well at all...he really needs to begin dialysis because the toxins are beginning to cause many problems..such as breathing issues. The doctor wanted him in the hospital today but he refused. He is tired of being poked and prodded. I am praying very hard that the vein that was operated on for the dialysis would lift that they can begin to get all of the toxins out of his body. I know first-hand that we have a mighty God who can do anything. The kids and I are relaxing at home tonight and it has been storming quite a bit. They are going to watch a movie on Disney tonight. Poor Tom has been in bed all day with a horrible I am trying to keep the house quiet..which can be hard with teenagers. I am thankful that I am not feeling as poorly as yesterday...I am actually feeling better. Praise God! Tom is waiting still to hear about the job in Kentucky. Whatever happens I know that God is in control. Our God is faithful~

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