Monday, February 2, 2009


Well~ I've got a job interview! Yes, indeed I got a phone call today for a job interview for a management position for an insurance company. Not sure what it will entail but....we really need to the income. If it is God's will I have to believe that he will give me the strength I need on a daily basis to work the job. I just have to find a professional outfit for the interview and I must dash out tomorrow for a closed toe pair of shoes~ With my lupus I don't wear many closed shoes because of the meds I'm on ...make my feet swell...and living here in South Florida...well, I can get away with sandals all year round! So I must say it's a little exciting and yet a little scary because I have only worked for myself and Tom for the last five years. So we will see what happens...I just pray God's will be done~ Because I've learned to not be in His will is not a place where I want to be~


Heidi said...

Hi Vikki, First of, thanks for coming to visit me on my blog! My fellow-Floridian! (Isn't it too cold?!? at least in central Florida it is) And thanks for following my blog too! I hope that your interview went well! I will for discernment for you that you will know and follow God's will for your life. I will pray for your health too! Well take care and hope to get to know you! Your sister in Christ, Heidi

A Gracious Home said...

I pray the Lord will provide you with a job. I have Systemic Lupus E. I know what you mean by clothes and shoes. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Doylene