Friday, February 6, 2009

A New Day~

Started out today early....after a night where I did not sleep well at all~ But God gave me the grace and strength I needed for the day. I was up and out early to the Rheumy for my check-up..I've been battling a flare since the accident on New Year's eve so once again we are playing with my Predisone. We will see how it works~ Good thing is it will get me through the training portion of my "NEW JOB"! Yea!! I took the job with the insurance company. Tom and I spoke about it and we both felt it would be a good thing for our family. I enjoy working with people and have a history in sales so away I go~ First unofficial day went well...the schedule is just what I need with the kids and Tom getting ready to leave to work in the next several months. GOD IS SO GOOD! Got a phone call from Tom this afternoon to say that the company that fired him sent a check for over nine hundred dollars into our checking account. Praise God! We so needed the money...God is meeting our needs one at a time and we are truly grateful~

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