Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today we all had something.....Everyone had a migraine~ I think it is do in part to the weather we have been having...So the kids did some studies but for the most part it was a down-time day. Tom was off again today and did some brushing up on his studies~ Haily came this morning and Tom took her to school...She is still recuperating from a cold and was very tired~~ I know that if I had given her a blankie and a pillow she would have been fast asleep. The kids and Tom are at church tonight. The kids have their life-groups and Tom is waiting for them..hopefully he will have time to visit with friends~ I will be taking over Gabby's group next week and I hope and pray that I can take the girls under my wing and get them to pay attention and learn and to make friendships and stop being so "me" centered~ I will have girls from a variety of backgrounds...some rich, some struggling ..some even living in group homes and than my Gabby~ I will need to find a balance to instill the Love of the Lord in these girls. Austie seems to like his group and I am hoping that he will make some friends and come out of his shell~ He is a wonderful little man and has such a heart..I would like to see him have a good friend that would be company for him. Amanda doesn't have choir tonight so she is able to participate in her group..her leader is great and the group of girls are so nice~ She has made many friends...I am hoping and praying that when we do move that we can do so over somewhere by our church..As the kids are getting older they have many activities at church~ That is their social setting and I would like to make it easy for them...we have been through so much that I know we need to keep our support system intact. We have been blessed by Juan again! Our van is in desperate need of some repairs and he has found us a mechanic that will do the repairs for free because we donate so much of our time at church~ What a blessing! We need to keep that van running....and thank God it will be paid off in the next several one less car payment. Yea! Well, the house is quiet and I think I am going to take advantage of it~ I am off to read.

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