Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well....I got up at seven this morning to go to the horses with Gabby and Tom~ I made it through the week! Praise God...because it really has been a challenge as of late. We thought for sure that I should go to the hospital this week but without insurance we are finding many things hard when it comes to my health. So I started praying...praying without ceasing~ Imploring the Lord to get me through and settle my health down so that I might be the wife and mom I desire and I believe God desires me to be~ And you know what...He did~ Sure I am still dragging but I am dragging which I was not last week. So Praise God for His mercy to me! So I am at home this evening with Austie who is not feeling too well and Tom, Amanda and Gabby are at church~ And thank the Lord I was able to watch online~ This has been a true blessing because I need to be in church....We are called to worship together and the strength that comes when I am in the house of the me what I need for what may come. The message was on the Power of the Holy Go online and check it out~ OUR GOD IS MIGHTY AND MERCIFUL AND HE WILL SEE US THROUGH~ We must believe it and cling to it with all our might! We need to remember the our Heavenly Father will never disappoint that He is there waiting for us~

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